Neostrata Resurface - Glycolic Renewal Serum 10% AHA

A powerful anti-oxidant smoothing facial serum Formulated with 10% Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) & ant...

30ml/1oz ¥12,574
Neostrata Skin Active Derm Actif Firming - Dermal Replenishment Natural Moisturizing Factor Concentrate

A deeply hydrating & dermal replenishing facial cream Contains skin’s amino acid building blocks ...

50g/0.17oz ¥13,923
Neostrata Restore - PHA Eye Cream 4% PHA

A lightweight, non-irritating & hydrating eye treatment Formulated with anti-aging Polyhydroxy Ac...

15g/0.5oz ¥8,027
Neostrata Restore - Reactive Skin Neutralizing Serum 6% PHA

A restorative, hydrating & cooling facial serum Formulated with NEOSTRATA® BioCalm Complex, a pro...

29g/1oz ¥11,508
Neostrata Skin Active Lift + Firm Kit: Neck Cream + Serum + Dermal Replenishment + Retinol Repair Complex

Skin Active Lift + Firm Kit: 1x Skin Active Derm Actif Firming - Triple Firming Neck Cream 80g/2....

4pcs ¥27,779
Neostrata Skin Active Repair Kit: Exfoliating Wash + Matrix Support SPF30 + Cellular Restoration + Intensive Eye Therapy

Skin Active Repair Kit: 1x Skin Active Derm Actif Repair - Exfoliating Wash - 125ml/4.2oz 1x Ski...

4pcs ¥36,517
Neostrata Sensitive Skin Antiaging Kit: Restore Cleanser, Restore Face Cream, Restore Face Serum, Restore Eye Cream

Sensitive Skin Antiaging Kit: 1x Restore - PHA Facial Cleanser 4% PHA - 200ml/6.8oz 1x Restore -...

4pcs ¥27,352